Why do you only charge $75 an hour?

I want my clients to have fun without paying a fortune. I don't earn my livelihood from DJ-ing (I'm a full-time elementary teacher), so this is something I do because I love music.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, I am licensed and insured and can provide documentation upon request.  My business is registered in Henrico County, Virginia.

What is the process of booking you?

Just email me the date of your event and the times, and I will check to make sure I'm available that day. Then I will send you a quote (and a written invoice, if you request it).  When you email me back confirming your agreement, you are booked!  No deposit or contract is required.  If you need to cancel, just email me.  There is no cancellation charge.

How much experience do you have?

I have been DJ-ing since 2004 and average between 40-50 gigs per year. Most of my gigs are school dances, weddings, corporate events, and private parties. After many years of listeing to a wide range of people's song requests, I can anticipate what most crowds want to hear.  If you give me an idea of your favorite bands and genres, I can build a playlist from that.

What type of music do you play?

My favorite type of music is rave music (hence the name, DJ Dave Rave). However, I realize most people are not fans of that type of music, so I play any genre that will get the crowd dancing (usually a mix of current pop, 80s, 90s, hip-hop, and country).  Over the years I have built up a sizeable library of songs across all styles (more than 8,000), and I'm continually adding to it.  I am happy to take requests, and if I have access to WiFi, I can download any song on the spot. One caveat, as a Christian, I cannot play music that has explicit lyrics.  You can check out some of my recent playlists here.  

What if you are sick the day of my event?

I have a DJ partner, Alfonso, who is also available to DJ events.  He has access to all my equipment and music in an emergency situation.  You can see him in many of my videos because people often book us together.

Do you have lights? What else do you have?

I have LED lights, a discoball, a laser, a projector, a fog machine, and a bubble machine (for outdoor events). I bring it all at no extra charge, unless you ask me leave out certain items.  My sound system includes  two QSC powered speakers, a QSC subwoofer, and a wired/wireless, hand-held microphone. It is loud enough for both indoor and outdoor events. You can see my set-up in action by clicking the Videos link at the top of this page.

What about a karaoke machine?

I don't have a karaoke machine, but if you want to take the microphone and sing along with a song or two, I don't mind.  

What do you do for weddings?

I DJ around 10-15 weddings a year (averaging once a month), and I work closeley with the bride and groom to plan the music for their special day.  We'll usually meet together at a Panera or Starbucks to go over the timeline and song requests. You can see some of my wedding videos by clicking the Weddings link at the top of this page, and you can read some reviews on WeDJ or WeddingWire.  I have also shared some wedding photos below.

What's with the wings and wigs?

I got started DJ-ing in elementary schools since I'm an elementary teacher who has a huge music collection. One of my early gigs (back when I still used CDs) was a Halloween party at the school I taught.  I wore wings and a wig as part of my costume, and I guess it just stuck.  Now people often ask me to bring the wings and wigs, but I don't wear them unless requested :)