DJ-ing Little League Baseball opening event. Unfortunately for Alfonso, they kept asking me to man the dunking booth.  

DJ-ing a 4th of July Pool Party. I was recovering from hernia surgery at the time, so I'm glad Alfonso was there to help!

DJ-ing an Office Backyard Party. You can see the lights look a lot better in the dark with a fog machine!

Here are some videos from my Vimeo channel and my YouTube channel so you get an idea of my setup. These are mostly informal events that I film myself.  You'll see my DJ partner, Alfonso, in many of them.  

DJ-ing a Neighborhood Halloween Party. You can see what we look like with mohawks (don't worry, we don't usually wear mohawks)!

DJ-ing Little League Baseball opening day.

DJ-ing a pool party on Memorial Day.

DJ-ing an 18th birthday party.